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COVID 19 Updating!

ALERT! The Cal-OSHA Standards Board has voted - On June 17, 2021 they voted to readopt the most recent revisions to the Emergency Temporary Standard on COVID, to align with CDC and CDPH guidance.  This goes to the Office of Administrative Law for final approval, generally 10 days, so we can expect enforcement around June 28th.  The Governor also signed an executive order that could shorten that window a little.  While awaiting that final approval original ETS regs apply.  What are the big changes? 

-  No more social distancing, except in exceptional situations
-  If employees are fully vaccinated, they may go without masks
-  If employees are not vaccinated, they must wear masks provided by the employer
Employers must provide respirators if requested by an unvaccinated employee, or for employees working indoors or in vehcles with more than one person
-  Employers must document vaccination status, which can include self-attestation
-  No more partitions or barriers

There are of course more in the details, but those are the main points.  Members will receive a more detailed overview by email.  As the ETS goes into approval and enforcement, read the July Member Newsletter-Regulatory Journal, for more details on some of the grey areas, and what the new sub-committee will be looking at clarifying.

Stay healthy, get vaccinated!  We're almost there!

Regulatory Journal - Selected Articles

As pertinent, NCSC will post articles of interest normally only available to NCSC Members via the monthly newsletter-Regulatory Journal.  December's Article is a discussion on the impact of the IIPP and its relationship to the newly adopted COVID 19 Prevention Standard §3205.