Circa 1932-Lunch Atop a Skyscraper
1905 Shipbuilding Welder
Circa 1910-Log Pond
Cotton Mill 1909 Courtesy of Smithsonian
Circa 1920-Dipper

COVID 19 Updating!

ALERT!  Cal-OSHA is revising and updating the COVID 19 Emergency Standard (3205), with an Standards Board meeting May 20, 2021.  They will be reviewing the revised standard proposed language just put out May 7th.  We will keep you posted on these changes that include vaccinations and many other updates to the standard.  Members will be receiving a detail of the main highlights of those changes in the monthly member newsletter - Regulatory Journal.  Keep masking and social distancing, and get your vaccine as soon as you are able - We ARE in this together!

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NCSC offers a variety of courses each month which are taught at our facilities. Arrangements can be made to have training classes taught at your facilities offering you flexibility and convenience!! Fill out the form below to register for the class or service that you are interested in.

Technical Advice and Consultation - Work as your "Compliance Ally" in the event of actions by regulatory agencies or provide interpretations and research of regulatory laws. NCSC has a well known reputation working with employer's in metting the requirements of Cal/OSHA, as well as those of the California Highway Patrol, U.S. Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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